Hi, I'm Dave Riley, but most people call me Kranky Dai for reasons that have a long story behind them. When it comes to capturing images, I always strive to do so in the most sincere way possible. I believe in respecting others and never exploiting their situations for personal gain. Whether it's photographing people or documenting real-life events, my aim is to convey the authenticity and genuine emotions that lie within those moments. It is important to me to uphold ethical standards and treat everyone I encounter with fairness and compassion.

Dave was born in West Bromwich and attended college to become an electrician. After gaining experience in the field, he transitioned into working in the telecommunications industry, initially for BT and later for Mercury Communications. Eventually, Dave decided to start his own communications company. Unfortunately, due to ill health, he has since retired. However, he still keeps himself busy by pursuing his passion for photography and painting. Dave finds inspiration in a wide range of subjects, including people, animals, objects, sports, and landscapes. He warmly welcomes visitors to view his work, hoping that they will find something of interest among his creations.